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worlds between us

By 15/05/2010May 31st, 2022No Comments
22 year old me on drums. Recorded 2 EPs, 2 Split-7“, toured the UK twice, got ripped off in Malta and played somewhat 100+ shows across europe in total. It was the band everybody wants to have. Spending most of our time either in our rehearsal space or on the road having fun throughout europe or just having a beer at shamrock. Oh, metallic hardcore? I don‘t know. We never fitted in.
Photos: Marlon, Burkhard Müller /

Michael Marlovics

i’m designer-slash-developer-slash-one-man-army from vienna/austria. when i’m not at the playground with my kids, i’m working on something digital, publishing books over at text/rahmen, checking out bars for zigarreinwien, play the drums for nshctl or just read a book. All those beautiful cover-photos by and Project Apollo Archive