TEXT/RAHMEN Buchverlag


Started as an idea between drinks two years ago the joint venture “TEXT/RAHMEN” has become reality. The first book we’ll publish will be “Kurt Prinz – Sezierte Architektur Wien”. More information about the book, the projekt and Kurt Prinz can be found on our website www.textrahmen.at and at architektur.seziert.wien. Releasedate is the 24th of june 2016. The launch will be accompanied by an exhibition covering many pictures featured in the book as well as some live acts and dj performances. Watch this space for updates on the Event and on the Book. I’m siked.

Cover: Project Apollo Archive, AS13-59-8496, Apollo 13 Hasselblad image from film magazine 59/R – Transfer from LM to CM; LM undocking prior to reentry