Over a decade ago I spend most of my time on Hardcore/Punk shows taking pictures and making silly faces. You can take a look on those photos on my flickr

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The Poetry of Punk is now available worldwide. Head over to Routledge (or Amazon etc.) following the link below and get your copy! The book includes a foreword by Trial singer Greg Bennick, previously undisclosed photographs of the '90s/early 2000s hardcore scene, and exclusive interviews with (former) members of Minor Threat, Propagandhi, Youth of Today, Dead Kennedys, Kid Dynamite, Paint It Black, Fugazi, Catharsis, Black Flag, Fall of Efrafa, Active Slaughter, Trial, Petrol Girls, Pettybone, Anthrax (UK), Good Riddance, Inner Terrestrials, Shelter, Arboricidio, and a number of punk activists. Cover photo: Converge by Michael Marlovics

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Das auf dem Label Cobra X Records erscheinende Buch Reasons Not Rules zeigt auf 152 Seiten Bilder des internationalen Fotografenteams FACE THE SHOW von Bands wie Anchor, Bitter End, Ceremony, Cheap Thrills, Cold World, Common Cause, Converge, Down To Nothing, Go It Alone, Have Heart, Just Went Black, Justice, No Turning Back, Restless Youth, Rise and Fall, Ritual, The First Step, True Colors, Verse …
Außerdem führte Nora Bendl exklusiv für Reasons Not Rules Interviews mit Tackleberry, Burning Fight-Autor Brian Petersen, Cold Worlds Gitarrist Alex Russin und anderen Persönlichkeiten der gegenwärtigen Hardcore-Szene. Dazu gibt es unter anderem Essays von Poisonfree-Gründer Flint Stelter, Black Friday 29s Björn; ein Tour-Tagebuch von Christian, Sänger der norwegischen Death is not Glamorous sowie Anekdoten aus den Rotz-Punk-Tagen der Tattoo-Künstler von Hardcore Ink.

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Michael Marlovics

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