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Michael Marlovics, 1981, dad of 2, partner at MUMG. I spend my days reading books, listening to records, watching movies, being curious and playing video games. I love good design. I love photography, I love to create.

What’s this website about? Honestly, I don’t have a clue. Maybe some sort of notebook for all the things I like, or simply my very own playground. Time will tell. Write a friendly email to in case you have questions.

I really burned out on social media, so the only channels left I do actively take care of are my twitter, instagram and spotify. My PSN-Handle is: xattheshowx

Photos and graphics used in the journal are my own.
Old photos: Kodak Eastman DX6490, Nikon D70, Canon eos 300, Canon 1D Mrk II, Leica D-Lux 4
New photos: Sony Alpha7mrkIII, Konica C35 ef3, Ilford Sprite 35 II
Films: Ilford HP5, Kodak Gold, Kodak Ultramax

The portrait on this page was made by the great Kurt Prinz in 2022.

Playlist icons are from Adobe stock. All space related photography comes from the beautiful  Project Apollo Archive on flickr.

About the font: 私が使っているフォントはRoboto Monoです。グリフの圧倒的なシンプルさと様々な言語の表現に納得しました。