So, another lesser known fact about me is that i’m playing in a band. I’ve been in “New Shit Has Come To Light” for quite some time, playing the drums, hanging out with friends, which are the best and smartest people around. The music we made, together with some tunes of my old bands, could be found on my new and polished soundcloud account. I’ve already reached the 3 hour upload limit and with a stack of old recordings left i started thinking about setting up my own infrastructure to get all the stuff i’ve done in the 90ies (WTF!!!) saved on our dear web (never forgive / never forget). I’ll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile: soundcloud it is; and yeah, don’t be too judgy on the sound, the band names, whatsoever – “Der Zeit Ihre Kunst, der Kunst Ihre Freiheit – LH”.

Cover Photo: AS12-46-6726, Apollo 12 Hasselblad image from film magazine 46/Y – EVA-1

i’m designer-slash-developer-slash-one-man-army from vienna/austria. when i’m not at the playground with my kids, i’m working on something digital, publishing books over at text/rahmen, checking out bars for zigarreinwien, play the drums for nshctl or just read a book. All those beautiful cover-photos by and Project Apollo Archive