Black Books – Canada Dry

Back in 2012, when we still were a band, each of us recorded a view video clips on our own, which all went into this video. The video was never released cause soon after finishing the recordings, we called it quits. i stumbled over it after browsing the archives and thought it would be nice to share with you guys out there. In case you like our music, feel free to hit the Noiseappeal Records Store to listen to more songs, or even better, buy the 7″. Fun fact: I’m not in the video cause my footage were scheduled for recording two days after the night, we called it an end; so no michael screaming while sitting on the toilet this time. maybe I’m going to record my planned scenes at some point later and recut this thingy. Till then, have fun watching the clip.

Taken from: In this town 7″, noise 29, Noiseappeal Records, 16.04.2012,

BLKBKS: Dominik, Philipp, Jochen, Niki, Michi
In the Video (ltr.): Philipp, Dominik, Jochen Niki
Edited by me in 2012; unfinished & unpolished

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Cover Photo: AS09-23-3596, Apollo 9 Hasselblad image from film magazine 23/D – Earth orbit

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