hello world

as i try to assemble an “about me” text, reorder all the words and thoughts, figuring out what is recently going on in my life, a humanitarian catastrophe is going on in- and outside the fortress europa. with this in mind all this troubles im conquering during my work week are ridiculously small. atoms. with this blog i’m aiming to cover this little atoms that are also making my life full of wonderful adventures, and yeah, providing me the almost right amount of pain.


projects i’m working on, places i visit, articles i’m writing, maybe some private stuff – all that jazz will be played and hopefully heard. i’ll focus on design, usability, user experience, information architecture of websites, some bits about visualizing data next to sharing some news about my other new venture: publishing books together with my close friend dominik over at text/rahmen. so books, yeah, real books will be also have their place on this blog. i’m doing lots of things and this will be the place for all those atoms that make me whole.

if you want to get in touch, don’t hesitate to come knocking.


i’m designer-slash-developer-slash-one-man-army from vienna/austria. when i’m not at the playground with my kids, i’m working on something digital, publishing books over at text/rahmen, checking out bars for zigarreinwien, play the drums for nshctl or just read a book. All those beautiful cover-photos by http://deathtothestockphoto.com and Project Apollo Archive