213/366 Songs

welcome to my spotify playlist for march. 366 songs, 1 for each day, for a one year leg, started october 2015. hope you’ll like it. #spotify #playlist

Apollo 12 Saturn V on Transporter
The transporter carries the 363-foot-high Apollo 12 Saturn V space vehicle from the VAB’s High Bay 3 at the start of the 3.5 mile rollout to Launch Complex 39A. The transporter carried the 12.8 million pound load along the crawlerway at speeds under one mile per hour. September 8, 1969. Image KSC-69PC-529 courtesy NASA/KSC.

i’m designer-slash-developer-slash-one-man-army from vienna/austria. when i’m not at the playground with my kids, i’m working on something digital, publishing books over at text/rahmen, checking out bars for zigarreinwien, play the drums for nshctl or just read a book. All those beautiful cover-photos by http://deathtothestockphoto.com and Project Apollo Archive